• Energize Your Design

    Capitol Hill Condo Living Room Staged Seattle


    Make a statement.

    While location is key, it does not contribute to the interior’s appeal. This condo is located in Seattle’s hip neighborhood, Capitol Hill. Despite the condo’s prime locale, the condo itself was bland and uninspiring. We made it our mission to stage the condo and make a statement. To do so, we used bold colors in an eclectic design to bring an energy that matched the neighborhood’s spirit.

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  • Seattle Home Staging – Preparing Houses For Sale

    Seattle home staging prepares homes for sale and helps home owners to achieve their sale goals and sometime even surpass it.

    When you are preparing your home to put it on the market for sale, you need to keep these facts in mind:

    1. Your home will be competing fiercely with the other houses on the market. Homes going on the market is like being on a beauty pagent and the prettiest one wins. Ask yourself, do you want to sell your house or do you want your house to sell your competition? Home staging makes the difference.
    2. 95% of home buyers look online before deciding to come in person to view the houses.  The SOLD sign goes up only after home bueyrs have visited the homes. Home staging creates beautiful online photos and entices home buyers to come in and take a look. 
    3. 85% can’t visulaize how to see themselves in the homes for sale. Home Staging defines the rooms for the home buyers and takes out the guessing game out. 
    4. Empty rooms look smaller than furnished rooms. Home staging not only defines the spaces, but it helps to showcase the size of the rooms. 
    5. Vacant homes stay on the market an average of 165 days where the house price has been reduced several time and in addition the upkeep cost of the house is ongpoing while the house stays on the market. Home staging reduces the number of days on the market or DOM since the national average of DOM for staged homes is 29. We, as a Seattle based home staging company, are proud to say that the average DOM for Seattle Staged To Sell is 19 days. Home staging is an investment and NOT an expense. 
    Seattle staged to sell home staging statistics.
    Our 2012 home staging stats have us jumping for joy!

    These before and after photos of  Seattle staged homes speak volumes of the importance of preparing homes for sale with home staging. 

    • Home Staging prepared and transformed this forgotten basement into a cozy media room. Do you think homebuyers would have been able to imagine the  possibilities  and different functions of this room without home staging? The answer is NO! Home staging parepares and defines every space of the house. Remember every space matters.

    Seattle home staging transforming homes
    The before and after photos shows how staging transformed and prepared this basement for home buyers.
    •  Home staging transformed this unidentified and small room into an inviting and cozy kid’s room. A well prepared house for sale sells faster by crushing the competition. 
    Seattle home staging transforming seattle homes
    Unidentified room was transformed into a cozy and inviting kdis room.
    •  Before home staging, this kitchen was dull and dark. After home staging this beautiful mid-century kitchen was transformed and the cabinets became one of hte higlights of  this house. 
    Seattle home staging company
    This kitchen looked tired and dark. Home staging transformed this space.
    •  Every room in this house was painted in strong and dark colors, which suited the home seller’s taste and life style while they lived in it. However, home staging created a cohesive and well identified bright rooms.
    home staging transformed this seattle Queen Anne house.
    Home staging transformed these rooms into cohesive and bright ones.

    These house transformations and results make home staging an investment and it is cheaper than the first price reduction. Be an informative home seller and hire a professional home stager to prepare your home for the market. Let the competition sell your and not the other way around. 



  • As Professional Home Stagers, We DO Walk the Walk & We De-Clutter

    Recently, we left our SODO warehouse and moved into a different space. Our new warehouse is much larger, has an office and is much more accessible from all of the freeways. It would would have been much easier for us to pack everything and just move it all into our new warehouse since the additional space was more than enough to accommodate it all. But as professional home stagers, we do walk the talk and we de-cluttered our warehouse!

    Most of us have had to pack and move to a new home, and some, like myself, even had to move to a new home in a different state or country. Some people, like empty nesters, may have to downsize while others, such as families with small children, are moving into larger homes. Regardless of whether you are moving into a smaller or bigger space, it is always essential to de-clutter your items. 

    As a home stager, we continually have to shop and add to our inventory. Different homes require different types and styles of merchandise and we always need to freshen up our designs and follow some of the new trends and colors. 

    When I began the Seattle Staged To Sell company, I had this philosophy that whatever items we were not going to use or were not in that mint condition that they needed to be, we’d donate  to our favorite charities. This not only has been good for us as company, but it has also been a way to give back to the city that we love to live and work in.

    As a home stager, I sometimes come across resistance when I tell my clients, the homeowners, that they need to detach and de-clutter their home before putting it on the market. Often I hear stories about why they should keep this collection or that piece. For these clients, I take my time and help them realize that they are selling their home and not their furniture or collections. 

    And it never fails — when the homes have been de-cluttered, the home owners fall in love with their home again and feel a sense of peace. A de-cluttrered de-cluttered  home is truly a sanctuary.

    Warehouses are the second home for professional home stagers. Not only do we spend a lot of time there, we also spend a lot of time handling our inventory.  When we pack and donate the pieces that we loved and have used over the years, we know that these beautiful pieces have served us and our clients well and it is time for them to go to someone else’s home where they can continue to be appreciated.

    For us to be efficient home stagers and to be able to create beautiful staging designs, we need to have our own warehouse in perfect shape and this means that everything has its own place and we can easily see and locate each item.

    Therefore, when we as professional home stagers provide advice to our clients, we also walk the walk and follow that same guideline!

  • SOLD… please move the staging to the next unit!

    We recently were asked to stage a beautiful modern townhouse on Capitol Hill and immediately realized that we needed to create a modern, sophisticated and hip design because we had identified our targeted audience for this home to be professional adults.

    Our clients loved the results and the home sold in ten days to a professional single man — the exact buyer that we had identified and staged this Capitol Hill townhouse for. 

    Townhouses for sale in Seattle
    Capitol Hill Townhouse Staged and SOLD to the targeted buyer.

    Within days of this sale, I was contacted by another realtor interested in having us stage a townhouse next to this one.  He asked if we could take the furniture and accessories from the SOLD townhouse to his property. We were quite happy to accommodate his request.

    As experienced and professional home stagers, we put tremendous thought behind every design. At Seattle Staged To Sell, our goal for each staging project is to create a design suitable for the right audience. This is KEY.  Another important element is to create a flow. We introduced different shades of green throughout this house that created the trendy feel that flowed from room to room.

    In this type of situation where an agent calls and says “loved your work, want the exact same thing for my listing”, it is a tremendous compliment for us. This agent understood what and why we did what we did and wanted the same successful results for his listing. Stories like these are some of the reasons that we love doing what we do: staging Seattle homes. 

    Pictures by HD Estates. 


  • How To Choose A Qualified Home Stager

    You’re planning to put your home on the market and want to hire a home stager. Then you should keep few points in mind, when it comes to choosing a qualified home stager.

    Seattle homes for saleFirst of all, you should call about three different home stagers and ask them to view your property. Getting a price over the phone doesn’t give you any important information. You should NOT compare prices with prices only. Have you heard that old saying that you get what you paid for? Well it is true. Make sure to compare value with value.  Warren Buffet said it perfectly, “Price is what you pay and value is what you get.”  A cheaper price tag doesn’t mean that you are getting more value for your money and a higher price tag doesn’t mean you will get the best finished product either. Compare quality and detail of the work. Some home stagers provide a detail proposal, while others don’t. Do your homework.

    seattle home staging
    When interviewing home stagers, you should be asking the right questions and comparing the quality of work?

     Here are some helpful questions and hints that will help you to choose the a qulaified home stager:

    • Are they knowlegeable of the real estate market? Knowing the right audience and staging for this group is super essential.
    • What is their experience in working with agents?
    • Does the person looks orangized and relaxed?
    • Does this person seem knowledgeable and confident in providing information and in answering your questions?
    • Does this person listens to you, and I mean REALLY listen to you?
    • Not all home sales are for happy reasons, does this person seems sensitive in delicate situations. 
    • Does this person understands your needs and what is important to YOU?
    • Ask to see their portfolio or check out their gallery page on their website. Look at the work they have done. Does it look appealing and professional? Does their work includes a varitey of styles. The pictures should be of the work that they have personally done – not stock photos.
    • Ask questions such as why they chose the furniture and wall art that they did. Can they explain to you why they choose the items that they picked? This matters, because thoughtful design are harder to carryout and they produce the best results. 
    • Does this person have any testimonials from reliable sources? You can just type their name or company name with the word reviews into your search engine for an Internet search. You can also ask them for references but that may not be as reliable as the reviews on the Internet.
    • Perform a Google search on the stager and the company. Finding published articles, blogs, reviews by realtors , negative comments, may help you decide if this is a qualified home stager  you want to hire or should work with.
    • Ask to see a list of homes in a similar price range as yours that they have staged. If your home has a much higher value than what they have experience working with, this might not be the right company for you to work with.
    • What kind of insurance this home staging company carries and does it cover any damages that might occur during the installation, such as wood floor damages.
    There is no formal organization for rating or monitoring the performance of stagers; nor are there any credentials that let you know that they have completed a required level of training other than becoming accredited by completing a short two day course. RESA-Pro is the closest affiliation that ensures you are working with a professional home staging company. In order to have a RESA-Pro designation, a stager has to have been in the business for five years or more and he/she has to provide the proof of business insurance. In short, accreditation tells you little. Their work however, speaks VOLUMES. 
    seattle home stager
    Hiring and working with a qualified home stager is an investment.
    Congratulations on being an educated home seller and knowing the value of hiring a well qualified professional home stager. This investment will get you closer to your sales goal.

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