The Home Seller who Finally Learned to Trust the Home Stager

home sellers who finally learned to trust the home stager

 ften times I come across of home sellers who are either so attached to their homes that is really hard for them to let go or home sellers that just can't fully trust other professionals to help them with preparing their homes for the market. Both of these types of home sellers can create problems and sabotage their own success. Even though more and more home sellers are informed these days about ... READ MORE

SEVEN Reasons Why This Amazing Mid-Century House Was Not Selling

Home staging transformation of a Magnolia house for sale STAGED BY SEATTLE STAGED TO SELL

This beautiful homeowner occupied Mid-Century house in Magnolia, which is one of the most charming neighborhoods in Seattle, was for sale for almost six months. It's actually still on the market. Except this time, this home has gone through an amazing transformation and it is ready to greet the buyers.We decided that the BEFORE & AFTER photos can speak for themselves. Don't forget that the ... READ MORE

A Staged Seattle Homeowner-Occupied House SOLD In ONE Day!

Before and after staging master bedroom

Every home can benefit from home staging and this Seattle homeowner occupied home is a perfect example of this. Carl, the homeowner, was ready to sell his Seattle house and move into his new condo and he was excited about his new downsized living.  His realtor had advised him of the benefits or home staging and since he was eager to move, he was more than willing to have his home staged.  When ... READ MORE

Another Seattle Home Staged & SOLD In ONE Day

Seattle Staged Home On Dearborn Ave South

There are LOTS of aspects about my home staging business, that I love. But three of them stand out above all the rest. First, I get to meet some amazing people that I would not have otherwise. Second, I come across so many unusual homes and neighborhoods that I would not have seen if I was not a Seattle based home stager. Third, I get to see homes transformed before the FOR SALE sign goes up. ... READ MORE

2 Common Home Staging Myths


Do you ever wonder how some myths start and evolve? I am not sure myself, but as a professional home stager in the Greater Seattle Area, I still find that I have a need to educate home buyers and realtors and bust the home staging myths one by one! Two Home Staging Myths: Myth #1. Empty rooms appear bigger, since vacant rooms look like they have more space.  This is one of the biggest home ... READ MORE

Are You Selling A House OR Home? Part 2

Curb Appeal for homes for sale

In the previous blog, "Are You Selling A House OR Home? Part 1", we explored the difference between the two and why selling a home is a more successful approach than selling a house. When selling a home, you are also selling a lifestyle. Now that we have an understanding of the difference, I now want to help you stage a lifestyle in a way that enables you to meet to sales goals and perhaps even ... READ MORE

Our Staged Seattle Homes with Stunning Views

staged mid-century modern home by seattle staged to sell

Since 2005, we have had the privilege to stage countless homes in the Greater Seattle Area and all of them have had their own unique charm. This month, our home staging company is turning seven and we wanted to share some stunning water views from a few of our favorite homes with you in this blog.  This Magnolia house was especially stunning amongst all the Tudor style houses, which is a ... READ MORE

Tips on working with Multi-Cultural Home Sellers and Buyers

Seattle staged to sell Tips on working with multi-cultural home sellers and buyers

One of the qualities that makes Seattle such a wonderful city to live in is its diverse population. There are 94 different languages spoken in Seattle public schools. This diversity introduces cultures that we might not have known about otherwise, provides us with some of the best ethnic cuisine restaurants and expands our horizons. However, having a diverse population, even though it enriches ... READ MORE

Staging Transformed This Seattle Home for Sale!

Seattle staged homes

Staging transformed this Seattle home for sale!    Are you selling your home? Still deciding on whether you should spend the money and have your home professionally staged? Hopefully, the AFTER pictures will convience you that spending money on home staging is not an expense, but instead, a sound investment. We asked the home owners to repaint the green walls of this large bedroom into a ... READ MORE

Who Are You Staging the Homes For Anyway?


CONGRATULATIONS!  You have signed the papers and gotten yourself a new listing. Now, you need to start preparing the home for the market. Like all the top rated and successful realtors, your first call is to your professional home stager. Once in the house, you and your home stager will be discussing your staging strartegy. A dining room with a round table, a master bedroom with this and that, ... READ MORE