A 800 Sq/Ft Ballard House With A Big Personality

Ballard house staged photos

This 800 sq./ft. house in Ballard was one of the smallest homes that we have staged in Seattle area with one of the biggest personality. This small quaint house with all of its charm stood out among the bigger neighboring houses with confidence. Have you heard the saying, “why blend in when you can stand out?” This was true for this house starting with the bold red front door. This is what curb ... READ MORE

No Offers – Then Staged & SOLD In Just Two Days

Before and after home staging photo

Seattle real estate market is HOT! The combination of the Seattle’s job growth and a record low inventory has turned Seattle real estate market into a seller’s market. This is a solid fact. We are seeing houses selling for more than asking market with multiple offers. Homebuyers are prepared, preapproved, and many are willing to buy their dream homes without even inspections. So it is ... READ MORE

All Year Around Garden & Curb Appeal

winter gardens for homes for sale

Just because it may be wet and cold outside, that doesn't mean that you can’t have outside focal points and interest in your gardens.  Nor does it mean that you can't achieve an attractive curb appeal. It’s easy to have a year round garden here in Northwest. There are many steps that you can take and there are an abundance of plants and shrubs that you can choose from to brighten up your winter ... READ MORE

Queen Anne Neighborhood Craftsman Home Staging – A Builder’s Own Home

Staged Craftsman Style home in QUeen Anne

Queen Anne Neighborhood Craftsman Home Staging - A builder's own home where every detail has been taken care of beautifully! The Queen Anne neighborhood, a sought after Seattle darling of areas, sits on a hill close to the downtown area with a lot of old charm of its own. An abundance of Craftsman Style homes is one the most charming aspects of this neighborhood. However, I have come to know that ... READ MORE

The Home Seller who Finally Learned to Trust the Home Stager

home sellers who finally learned to trust the home stager

 ften times I come across of home sellers who are either so attached to their homes that is really hard for them to let go or home sellers that just can't fully trust other professionals to help them with preparing their homes for the market. Both of these types of home sellers can create problems and sabotage their own success. Even though more and more home sellers are informed these days about ... READ MORE

As Professional Home Stagers, We DO Walk the Walk & We De-Clutter

Walking the walk

Recently, we left our SODO warehouse and moved into a different space. Our new warehouse is much larger, has an office and is much more accessible from all of the freeways. It would would have been much easier for us to pack everything and just move it all into our new warehouse since the additional space was more than enough to accommodate it all. But as professional home stagers, we do walk the ... READ MORE

2 Common Home Staging Myths


Do you ever wonder how some myths start and evolve? I am not sure myself, but as a professional home stager in the Greater Seattle Area, I still find that I have a need to educate home buyers and realtors and bust the home staging myths one by one! Two Home Staging Myths: Myth #1. Empty rooms appear bigger, since vacant rooms look like they have more space.  This is one of the biggest home ... READ MORE