• Our 5 Favorite: Mid-century Bathrooms

    Seattle Mid Century Modern Bathroom

    The Trend: Mid-century Homes.

    The Mid-century Modern trend returned several years ago, when the TV series Mad Men became a hit. Such success influenced the tastes of its large audience. Ever since, Mid-century homes have been popular on the market. Here are our five favorite bathrooms of the Mid-century homes that we staged this year.

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  • Staging Seattle Mid-Century Homes For Sale

    Staging Seattle Mid Century Homes

    We LOVE staging Seattle Mid-Century homes for sale.

    Throughout the years, our mid-century inventory has grown. We have searched for, gathered, and collected many beautiful authentic mid-century furniture and accessories pieces and this hunt is where we find ourselves having lots fun.

    This Seattle Wedgwood house was our more recent staging project. We used the yellow and rust orange colors of the front door and the pot as our inspiration and repeated them throughout the house.Read more

  • Large Windows & Reclaimed Wood Defined This Wedgwood House

    Have you heard the saying that eyes are the doors to the soul? For me windows, like eyes, do the same for houses. The large windows combined with all the natural reclaimed wood products gave this Wedgwood house a soul and voice of it’s own.

    Windows like this bring the outside in with this relationship they create a balance. This balance is what promotes a sense of peace and tranquility, the reasons why we are drawn to these types of spaces.Read more

  • A 800 Sq/Ft Ballard House With A Big Personality

    This 800 sq./ft. house in Ballard was one of the smallest homes that we have staged in Seattle area with one of the biggest personality.

    This small quaint house with all of its charm stood out among the bigger neighboring houses with confidence. Have you heard the saying, “why blend in when you can stand out?” This was true for this house starting with the bold red front door. This is what curb appeal is all about.Read more

  • Staging A Seattle Downtown Penthouse With Spectacular Views

    Seattle is well known as a beautiful city with some wonderful quaint neighborhoods and spectacular views.

    As a Seattle home staging company, we feel lucky that we can go into some many homes where we have the homes to ourselves for one day and can enjoy and admire the views.  Vast different views such as Puget Sound, Lake Washington, Mt. Rainier, Lake Union, and Space Needle are some examples of what make Seattle such a unique city. We have the mountains, the water, and the iconic landmarks all in one place.Read more

  • Staged & SOLD! A Queen Condo on Taylor Ave N

    This Queen Anne Condo on Taylor Ave was Staged & SOLD for more than the asking price with multiple offers in just days.

    Staging Queen Anne neighborhood homes are always a blast for us at Seattle Staged To Sell. This Queen Anne condo was no exception. Located on Taylor Ave N, this condo provided incredible views of Lake Union, included large living spaces, and was located in close proximity to the Bill Gates Foundations and Queen Anne shopping areas.

    Right away, we identified  the targeted buyers of this condo to be empty-nesters and this gave us our design direction: a classic and elegant design approach. We brought in neutrals with blue and brown accent colors and carried these colors throughout the home.Read more

  • Staging a Mercer Island Mid Century Home for Sale

    Mercer Island is one of the more affluent neighborhoods in Greater Seattle. It is known for its excellent public schools, lush surroundings, and the view of Lake Washington. Many people like to buy homes in Mercer Island because of these qualities.

    We didn’t know what kind of house we would find when were asked to see this Mid Century home in Mercer Island. But as soon as the doors opened and walked into the foyer, we knew that this unique house was a gem and was going to be a blast to stage it. Mid Century homes are known for their stone work and large windows which automatically brings the outside in. 

    Mercer Island Staged Home mid century

    This was our approach:

    • The beautiful stone foyer, the iconic Mid Century feature, was big and beautiful. We wanted to make a huge impact and in this case, it meant keeping it simple. We added a furniture piece along with a vintage Mid Century wall art piece. With a few additional pieces, this Mercer Island home foyer was ready to welcome home buyers.
    • We let the outdoor colors of nature inspire us and we brought those shades of green inside.
    • Creating a flow is always important for any staged home so we carried different shades of green throughout the house.
    • There was a tucked away space in the living room where we added a chaise and side table to create a reading or relaxing space.

    This Mid Century Mercer Island home was SOLD in just days with multiple offers. 

  • Yellow & Green Colors For The Staging Design Of A Modern Green Lake House

    Our home staging design, brought the soothing and tranquil colors of green and yellow to this Green Lake Modern house.

    We wanted our design to be simple, neutral and with some pop of colors. The white walls, enormous windows, the light bamboo floors, and the clean lines of the actual house, gave us a great background for gray and light green color combination.

    Modern Green Lake Staged House

    For some homes, especially for the modern and contemporary ones, less is always better. This concept definitely held true for this modern Green Lake home.

    As we write in so many of our blogs, we strive to make the actual beautiful features of homes to stand out and not our furniture. Home staging is about creating a lifestyle and merchandising homes for the targeted buyers.

    This home was sold within days and we destaged it within 2.5 weeks after staging. It is always a pleasure to stage Green Canopy Homes and this Modern Green Lake house was no exception.

  • Staging A New Queen Anne Modern Construction

     As  A Seattle Home Staging company, we love to work with our builder clients to stage their buildings. This Queen Anne Modern New Construction, one of our latest staging projects,  at 1313 4th Ave West, stood out in a grand way.  
    Queen Anne Neighborhood Modern Home

    The combination of beautiful simple lines, sophisticated finishes, and thoughtful floor plan made this  building an outstanding house for the prospect buyers. 

    We used this simple sophisticated architecture lines as our inspiration and we based our design on that. We selected classic modern furniture pieces and kept the design minimal. For us at Seattle Staged To Sell, home staging is all about featuring the house and not furniture.

    Queen Anne Staged Living Room

    Don’t take me wrong, our inventory consists of beautiful furniture pieces and accessories and we select accordingly and appropriately for each house. But we create designs that the homes stand out and not the furniture. After years of staging homes, I believe this approach is the key to our successful track record. 

    Queen Anne Modern New Construction

    This Queen Anne new construction was SOLD in two days with multiple offers and with the cash offer and fast closing, we destaged this house two weeks after we had staged it. This sweet quick turnaround was more than what our clients were hoping for. Results like this is what we strive so hard for.

  • Staging Seattle Condo for Targeted Buyers

    Who lives in downtown Seattle anyway?

    After staging ton of downtown Seattle condos, we have learned that the people who live in this area fall into three different groups:

    • Young professionals who work downtown or nearby and love being where the action is. This demographic usually purchases studios or one or two bedroom condos on the lower end price range.
    • Professional couples or individuals who are have established careers and want to be close to work and other amenities that the downtown Seattle area offers. These professionals typically do not have children living with them and they usually live in the higher end condos or penthouses. 
    • The third group of people are the empty-nesters who want freedom more than anything else. Freedom from house maintenance, garden work, and dealing with home security. This demographic wants the freedom of being close to all of the shopping and restaurants and they love the fact that they can close their doors and travel without worrying about the garden or the security of their home while away. These individuals usually opt for the higher end condos or penthouses.

    Our approach to staging each of these groups of condominiums differs since our targeted buyers are different. For example, a sofa that fits perfectly by price range in a penthouse condo will not be the same sofa that will fit just right in a one bedroom condo in the lower price range. As I always try to educate my clients, home staging is about creating the RIGHT life style for each home.

    For this particular downtown Seattle Cosmopolitan condominium, we knew that our targeted buyers would fall into the young professionals group and we wanted to make sure that both of the focal points of this unit, the gorgeous views and the fireplace, were showcased. 

    Staging Steps for this downtown living room:

    1. We placed the sofa in such way that the beautiful Seattle downtown views and the Space Needle were kept open.
    2. We choose a love seat vs. a sofa to open up the space.
    3. We added two chairs to each corner in an angle so the flow was kept open and this created a conversation area.
    4. A glass coffee table connected the seating arrangements together while keeping the space visually open.
    5. A white shag rug brightened up the space and created a beautiful contrast with the wood floors.
    6. We kept the design simple and modern.

    tips on staging downtown condos

    Adding functions and claiming the vertical spaces:

    As I had mentioned earlier, adding functions to spaces with small square footage is very important. This ladder shelf suggests storage and display spaces. For small condos like this unit in downtown Seattle where there are lots of windows, storage and display spaces are golden.

    tips on staging seattle downtown condos

    Many of the condominiums, if they have a fireplace like this one, tend to have TV plug-ins above the fireplace mantle. This condominium in the heart of Seattle included this feature. But we know that most people don’t put their TV above the fireplace since this means the TV will be much higher than eye level and therefore, not a very comfortable place to sit and watch TV.  But we still decided to put the TV above the fireplace to show the potential buyers that this would be an option as wall art or a mirror wouldn’t have suggested the availability of TV and cable wiring. To demonstrate additional alternatives, we added a console table and another display and storage piece which could also work as TV console. This way the buyers would clearly be aware of their various options.

    Staging condos in cosmopolitan building

    We wanted to showcase the size of the bedroom. We brought in a dresser with a mirror which not only clearly demonstrated that this room is generous for a condominium and that it added storage.   The mirror brought in light and reflected the beautiful downtown Seattle skyline.

    downtown seattle bedroom - condo

    We selected this platform bed for this master bedroom because it left the footpath open and the storage underneath it suggested more storage possibilities. The very tall bedside lamps added more visual height to the room.

    downtown condo staged bedroom

    If you are selling your Seattle downtown condominium, first determine who the targeted buyers are. Your real estate agent will be of help you in identifying this demographic. Then, based on the results, bring in the right furniture pieces and accessories to showcase your home. Remember that a sofa that goes into a penthouse is going to be different (price point) than a sofa that will be placed in a lower end condominium. Always keep the targeted buyers in mind. Last, but not least – SHOWCASE storage. Define the spaces well. These are our tips for how we stage our downtown Seattle condominiums. 








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