• Staging Seattle Mid-Century Homes For Sale

    Staging Seattle Mid Century Homes

    We LOVE staging Seattle Mid-Century homes for sale.

    Throughout the years, our mid-century inventory has grown. We have searched for, gathered, and collected many beautiful authentic mid-century furniture and accessories pieces and this hunt is where we find ourselves having lots fun.

    This Seattle Wedgwood house was our more recent staging project. We used the yellow and rust orange colors of the front door and the pot as our inspiration and repeated them throughout the house.Read more

  • A Dreamy Girl’s Bedroom Design


    From our experience of working with many homeowners throughout the years, we have learned when it comes to designing a kid, pre-teen, or a teen room, many people automatically think of bright colors or a theme. Although, personally, I am not a fan of heavily designing a room based on a theme, I do like vibrant rooms where the energy of the colors echoes the energy of the young dwellers in the rooms.

    Read more

  • Design Always Changes & So Are We

    Seattle Staged To Sell & Design

    Over the years, bit by bit, we grew as company and expanded by adding more team members and services. Now after ten years of being Seattle Staged To Sell, time has come for us to add “& Design” to our name.

    Seattle Staged To Sell & Design

    I invite you to read Our Story and learn more about our journey, from start to now, and meet our dedicated team.Read more

  • A Tiny Ballard House With A BIG Personality


    Yes, at 800 square feet, this Ballard house was on the small side. But when it came to boldness, this tiny house had a BIG personality. We were not surprised, when we got the news that home buyers were bitting against each other and this BIG tiny house was sold for much more than asking price with multiple offers.

    What made this small house standout among all of the neighboring bigger houses ? Let’s start the list:Read more

  • Staged & SOLD! A Queen Condo on Taylor Ave N

    Queen Anne Condo

    This Queen Anne Condo on Taylor Ave was Staged & SOLD for more than the asking price with multiple offers in just days.

    Staging Queen Anne neighborhood homes are always a blast for us at Seattle Staged To Sell. This Queen Anne condo was no exception. Located on Taylor Ave N, this condo provided incredible views of Lake Union, included large living spaces, and was located in close proximity to the Bill Gates Foundations and Queen Anne shopping areas.

    Right away, we identified  the targeted buyers of this condo to be empty-nesters and this gave us our design direction: a classic and elegant design approach. We brought in neutrals with blue and brown accent colors and carried these colors throughout the home.Read more

  • Staging a Mercer Island Mid Century Home for Sale

    Mercer Island is one of the more affluent neighborhoods in Greater Seattle. It is known for its excellent public schools, lush surroundings, and the view of Lake Washington. Many people like to buy homes in Mercer Island because of these qualities.

    We didn’t know what kind of house we would find when were asked to see this Mid Century home in Mercer Island. But as soon as the doors opened and walked into the foyer, we knew that this unique house was a gem and was going to be a blast to stage it. Mid Century homes are known for their stone work and large windows which automatically brings the outside in. 

    Mercer Island Staged Home mid century

    This was our approach:

    • The beautiful stone foyer, the iconic Mid Century feature, was big and beautiful. We wanted to make a huge impact and in this case, it meant keeping it simple. We added a furniture piece along with a vintage Mid Century wall art piece. With a few additional pieces, this Mercer Island home foyer was ready to welcome home buyers.
    • We let the outdoor colors of nature inspire us and we brought those shades of green inside.
    • Creating a flow is always important for any staged home so we carried different shades of green throughout the house.
    • There was a tucked away space in the living room where we added a chaise and side table to create a reading or relaxing space.

    This Mid Century Mercer Island home was SOLD in just days with multiple offers. 

  • Staging A New Queen Anne Modern Construction

     As  A Seattle Home Staging company, we love to work with our builder clients to stage their buildings. This Queen Anne Modern New Construction, one of our latest staging projects,  at 1313 4th Ave West, stood out in a grand way.  
    Queen Anne Neighborhood Modern Home

    The combination of beautiful simple lines, sophisticated finishes, and thoughtful floor plan made this  building an outstanding house for the prospect buyers. 

    We used this simple sophisticated architecture lines as our inspiration and we based our design on that. We selected classic modern furniture pieces and kept the design minimal. For us at Seattle Staged To Sell, home staging is all about featuring the house and not furniture.

    Queen Anne Staged Living Room

    Don’t take me wrong, our inventory consists of beautiful furniture pieces and accessories and we select accordingly and appropriately for each house. But we create designs that the homes stand out and not the furniture. After years of staging homes, I believe this approach is the key to our successful track record. 

    Queen Anne Modern New Construction

    This Queen Anne new construction was SOLD in two days with multiple offers and with the cash offer and fast closing, we destaged this house two weeks after we had staged it. This sweet quick turnaround was more than what our clients were hoping for. Results like this is what we strive so hard for.

  • Staging a Mt. Baker Home with Stunning Views

    Staging Mt. Baker homes is always a blast for this Seattle home stager, especially the ones with the views. This unique Mt. Baker home sat pretty on the hill and this translates into stunning views of Lake Washington, downtown Bellevue, and the Mt. Baker mountains. 

    We let the old charm of the house inspire us and selected transitional pieces while also adding some vintage items. Working together with the listing agent, Michael Ackerman, we identified a young professional person/couple as the targeted buyer of this home. We kept the design simple and sophisticated and created a master bedroom, home office, guest room, and a casual lounge/reading room.

    Staged Mt. Baker Home
    Mt. Baker Staged Home


    Michael Ackerman described this house as follows:

    Relax on your private deck and gaze at the panoramic view from Mt Rainier to Mt Baker. Light a fire and watch the stormy weather move across Lake Washington. Hop on your bike and grab dinner in Madison Park at Cactus. This delightful home is sited perfectly above the street and boasts jaw dropping views of Lake Washington, mountains, and downtown Bellevue! The welcoming floor plan works well for entertaining and the home offers a variety of exterior deck spaces. Did I mention the views?

    This Mt. Baker house with stunning views was sold within days to a young professional woman just as we had identified it.



  • Staging A Seattle Charming Home On Woodlawn Ave

    Green Lake is one of Seattle’s most popular neighborhoods. Many visit the lake and enjoy all the amenities that it offers. This charming Green Lake home was no exception. 

    Woodlawn Ave  is only two blocks from the Green Lake and sitting on the hill, many of the homes there have wonderful views of the beautiful lake.

    This charming Green lake house had gone through a series of sophisticated remodeling processes and for its staging, we wanted to emphasis this. By bringing in neutral colors, we were able to allow the beautiful windows, the views, and the beautiful lines to stand out.  We knew that the most significant thing we could do for this Green Lake house was to let it to speak for itself.  Neutral colors against the beautiful gray walls created a soft setting, and therefore, a tranquil home.

     Green Lake Staged home on Woodlawn Ave

    We brought and placed the furniture in the middle of the living room since this room was large and one of the focal points was in the middle of the room. This created a spacious entertaining space for this Green lake Home while emphasizing the views of the lake and showcasing the large beautiful fireplace.

    This tranquil and peaceful Green Lake home on Woodlawn Ave North was staged and turned into a complete product, ready for sale. The home was sold in just days with multiple offers for much more than the asking price. 


  • Sleepless In Seattle No More – Staging A Floating Home on Lake Union

    Staging a Floating home was a blast!

    Living on a Floating Home is synonymous with the Seattle life style. Thanks to the block buster movie, Sleepless In Seattle, many people around the world have also seen one. Another reason why living in a floating homes on Lake Union are so popular and special is because they are located in the heart of Seattle. 

    Living in a floating home has its own life style. Neighbors are very friendly, and there is a strong community around the lake. Most floating home owners are people who strive for a relaxed life, want to have an active relationship with nature, are sophisticated in a quiet way, or are either artistic or a bit Bohemian. The small gardens, patios and roof tops are planted with a bold sense of character.  

    Staging a Floating Home - Union Lake

    This floating home was listed at $1,495,000 by Rick Miner of CBBain. For our design, we wanted to showcase the unique boathouse life style.  This meant a casual style that was both sophisticated and serene. We took the colors of the lake as our inspiration and incorporated the greens, teals, and blues in our design. This created a relationship between the house and the lake. We brought in the nautical touch without turning this house into a theme park.

    Home Staging projects like this one are the reason why we are happy Seattle home stagers. We enjoyed being in this floating house on a sunny day to stage it. The buyers of this home are going to be sleepless in Seattle no more. With nature surrounding the area giving a serene environment, this home is a true sanctuary in the heart of Seattle.