Why We LOVE Our Seattle Based Home Staging Business Model

Seattle Home Staging

Not all homes are alike and this is why here at Seattle Staged To Sell, we design and stage each home uniquely and stay away from a formula design where house after house, the design basically remains the same with little or no variation. It is true that using such a formula would save a lot of time and labor, but we prefer to take our time and spend the additional labor costs to achieve the best … [Read more...]

Seattle Home Staging – Preparing Houses For Sale

Seattle home staging

Seattle home staging prepares homes for sale and helps home owners to achieve their sale goals and sometime even surpass it. When you are preparing your home to put it on the market for sale, you need to keep these facts in mind: Your home will be competing fiercely with the other houses on the market. Homes going on the market is like being on a beauty pagent and the prettiest one wins. Ask … [Read more...]

Queen Anne Neighborhood Craftsman Home Staging – A Builder’s Own Home

Staged Craftsman Style home in QUeen Anne

Queen Anne Neighborhood Craftsman Home Staging - A builder's own home where every detail has been taken care of beautifully! The Queen Anne neighborhood, a sought after Seattle darling of areas, sits on a hill close to the downtown area with a lot of old charm of its own. An abundance of Craftsman Style homes is one the most charming aspects of this neighborhood. However, I have come to know that … [Read more...]

Sometimes we have to steal or Borrow

In an ideal world, all home sellers would have perfect homes and a limitless budget to prepare and stage their homes for the market. As we all know, we DON'T live in an ideal world and since we don't, sometimes we just have to steal, borrow, and add when it comes to staging homes.  This Seattle house in the View Ridge neighborhood is an example of such a situation. The homeowners previously had … [Read more...]

2012 Pentane Color of the Year & Our Own Nomination by Yolo Paint


We were so ecstatic when we heard that Pentane has nominated Tango Tangerine as the color of 2011.  After a few years of depressing news about our economy here in the USA and abroad, we welcomed this cheerful and super energized color. Therefore, it was clearly obvious that we needed to incorporate this inspiration and so we brought this color into our first 2012  staged home through our … [Read more...]

Staging Transformed This Seattle Home for Sale!

Seattle staged homes

Staging transformed this Seattle home for sale!    Are you selling your home? Still deciding on whether you should spend the money and have your home professionally staged? Hopefully, the AFTER pictures will convience you that spending money on home staging is not an expense, but instead, a sound investment. We asked the home owners to repaint the green walls of this large bedroom into a warm … [Read more...]

Who Are You Staging the Homes For Anyway?


CONGRATULATIONS!  You have signed the papers and gotten yourself a new listing. Now, you need to start preparing the home for the market. Like all the top rated and successful realtors, your first call is to your professional home stager. Once in the house, you and your home stager will be discussing your staging strartegy. A dining room with a round table, a master bedroom with this and that, … [Read more...]

We Staged & Energized This Seattle Townhouse in Ballard With Tangerine Colors

Staged townhouse in Ballard seattle

 This Ballard townhouse was our first 2012 staging project. Since the winter months can be drab, cold and dark, especially here in Seattle,  we decided to cheer, energize, and brighten up the inside.  Colors are a sure way to set any mood. We wanted to energize and brighten this Seattle townhouse tucked in the middle of a lovely Ballard neighborhood. The dark wood floors and rich neutral warm … [Read more...]

Working With Our Ideal Clients Has Made All The Difference

Seattle Staged To Sell's ideal client's profile

Some things you just learn with experience! Period.  Learning to identify our ideal clients and ONLY working with them  is an example of one of these lessons learned through experience.  Of course, this approach requires saying NO at times.  Some might feel that they simply can't say no to a potential client or to the income. This was true for us too. But we have learned that by saying NO to … [Read more...]

This Seattle Home For Sale On Capitol Hill Was Staged For A Professional Couple

For sale home on Capitol Hill Seattle WA

We had so much fun staging this house for Michael Ackerman from CBBain.  When it comes to staging, we like to save as much money as possible for the home sellers and this house was a perfect example of this. The homeowner had moved to the east coast and wanted to sell her house and purchase a home in her new city.  Since the home seller lived in another state, we managed all of the projects. Some … [Read more...]