• Mixing Natural Textures in Eclectic Design

    Traditional Home Exterior

    This traditional home in the Denny Blaine community in Seattle is framed by gorgeous trees all around. Mesmerized by the trees, we decided to take the surrounding nature and incorporate it into our design by using different natural textures to compliment the hardwood wood flooring and trimming.

    Eclectic Dining Room

    This dining room had unique parquet hardwood floors. We added an area rug in a soft blue color to compliment the warm tones of the wood. The different patterns layered together worked with each other to grab the buyers’ attention. However, the simplicity of the contrasting patterns kept it classic and tasteful. The Eames dining chairs kept the home updated with an eclectic look, and their wooden legs echoed the floor. We used a darker wooden dining table as a focus to bring together the dark wood trimming on the door and windows and the lighter colored floor. The accessories in the room recalled the hardwood flooring and the trees outside through their woven and branch-like textures.


    The home office had wood paneling on the walls as well as hardwood floors. The walls and the floor consisted of different types of wood, which, already created a layered sensation to the room. We took this attribute further, and placed an animal hide rug of a darker and warmer hue to anchor the room. By using an animal hide, we added another natural texture. Furthermore, we hung wall art on the wood-paneled walls of tree stump rings to reincorporate wooden textures, but with a consistency different enough to add interest. The layering of the different tan and cognac tones and textures blended beautifully together. This decor made the green leaves of the trees stand out and become part of the interior design.

    Mixing different natural textures is a terrific way to highlight your home’s original wood, to compliment your landscaping outside, and bring its beauty into your home decor.


  • Soft Colors and Neutrals Update Craftsman Home

    stained glass window stairway entry craftsman home

    Of all of the homes we have staged, the entry of this luxury craftsman home is one of our favorites. The details of the stained glass window inspired our color palette and design style. Its soft colors complimented the dark wood trimming and neutrals throughout the house. A stained glass window is classic and timeless, and we wanted to bring these qualities into our design while keeping the style updated.

    luxury remodeled craftsman home kitchen

    In the kitchen, the wall color and countertops created a fresh, modern feel to this newly remodeled home. The neutrals, paired with the dark tones of the island, kitchen table, and trimming made this room timeless. Furthermore, we used accessories that echoed the stained glass window in the entry.


    The glass and blue-green vases, napkins, and cups harkened back to the stained glass further emphasizing the original details of the home.


    The dining room’s wall color also reflected the blue-green hues of the entryway, so we brought in neutrals and a dining table to match the house’s original dark trimming to create balance within the room. We added the animal hide area rug for added interest, which brought everything together.

    Our eclectic design of this beautiful craftsman home united the traditional and the updated elements of the renovated home. By using the entry way as our inspiration, we incorporated the home’s unique arts and crafts charm to imbue our staging with a classic vibe while we used a mixture of transitional and contemporary furniture for an eclectic design. SOLD.

  • Large Windows & Reclaimed Wood Defined This Wedgwood House


    Have you heard the saying that eyes are the doors to the soul? For me windows, like eyes, do the same for houses. The large windows combined with all the natural reclaimed wood products gave this Wedgwood house a soul and voice of it’s own.

    Windows like this bring the outside in with this relationship they create a balance. This balance is what promotes a sense of peace and tranquility, the reasons why we are drawn to these types of spaces.Read more

  • Tips On Designing Open Floor Plan Spaces


    Spaces with open floor plans come with many challenges.
    More and more families want to buy and live in homes with open floor spaces. Our modern livestyle has become busy and chaotic, so much so, that when we are at home we all want to be with our families as much as possible. This demand has made the open floor plan popular.Read more

  • Let 2015 Design Trends Inspire You

    Photos From

    2015 is here. Personally speaking, I am excited about this year’s influences since most of the trends are up my alley. In 2015, you’ll see many design revivals of the past, especially from the 50’s era, with a modern twist.  This coming year is going to be a year of bold colors, patterns, glamour and feminine elements, which will make 2015 a sexy year. Are you ready to get inspired?

    1. Wallpaper – Do you remember the bold wallpaper from both the Mid-Century and Victorian eras? They are back in a big way and this means that consumers will have ample choices of color palettes and patterns to choose from. We’ve been seeing a lot of plain white and neutral wall colors lately and the new wall paper trend will energize these plain rooms. If you love wallpaper, but are afraid to use it in your entire room, try using it on only one wall to create an accent.Read more

  • Marsala – 2015 Pantone Color Of The Year

    2015 pantone color of the year

    Pantone Color Institute has selected Marsala, an earthy brick red-brown hue, as the 2015 color of the year.

    Leatrice Eiseman, Exe. Director of Pantone Color Institute described MARSALA PANTONE 18-1438 the best:

    “Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability. Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth.”

    I wholeheartedly agree with Ms. Eiseman and something must have been in the air since right before the Pantone’s announcement, I purchased a Marsala colored pair of shoes, handbag, a cashmere sweater and yes that rich Marsala colored lipstick.Read more

  • Emerald – 2013 Pantone Color of the Year is About Harmony & Prosperity

    Seattle Interior design colors of 2013
    Emerald color is a color of prosperity, harmony, and generosity

    2012 Pantone color of the year, Tango-Tangerine, was all about  intense and firry energy . In 2013 as we say good bye to this bold color, we are saying hello to the new Pantone color – Emerald 17-5641.

    Emerald 17-5641 is a rich, bright, and uplifting color symbolizing growth, prosperity, rebirth and harmony. Green is associated with positive energy in which it gives us the ability to nurture ourselves as well as others. Perhaps this is why there is an abundance of GREEN in nature. Green is a mixture of blue and yellow colors. Therefore, Green has the clarity and optimism of the color of yellow and the emotional calmness of the color blue.


    Seattle Interior design and decor trends 

    Soon, different shades of green will find their way into your home decor and wardrobe.

    Wishing you all a green, prosperous, and harmonious 2013.

  • Is an Eclectic Style Home for You?

    ost people are familiar with the Eclectic style since it is one of the most popular. However, there are some misconceptions about this decorating style since the word eclectic means different things to different people. 

    An Eclectic style:

    • Consists of mixed elements, but it is not the same thing as a mix-matched look
    • Is a free and easy going style, but has its own set of rules and it is one of the hardest styles to pull together
    • Is all about a thoughtful AND well-edited collection of treasures and not displaying all of your finds here and there
    • Is a mix of styles from different eras
    An Eclectic style is for you if you:
    • Like an element of surprise
    • Are confident about yourself and your style
    • Are not a brand/label snob
    • Can find common elements in mix-matched pieces
    • Love different elements from different eras equally and can’t decide
    • Like vibrant and high energy spaces
    • Like a casual and groovy feel in your home
    • Like to collect pieces from your travels
    • When you find a piece, you often find yourself saying, “why not?”
    • You hate clutter and are a disciplined editor and purger 
    • Like a funky and hipster style – quirky is a good thing 
    decorating tips for seattle homeowners
    What makes this living room an elegant eclectic one? The well balanced pieces like the Moroccan screen against the neutral walls, wood floors, sofa pattern, zebra rug, and pop of color like the orange vase. In addition this reupholstered antique chair has a modern feel to it because of the contrast of black and white. The quirky reversible cushion makes this an ideal piece for an eclectic home.                                        photo source: BHG



    Eclectic style rules:

    • The mixing of the collections should be creative and thoughtful. It is very easy for your pieces to clash and this is one of the reasons why this style can be a difficult one to achieve. But this challenge is what makes it fun although you may have to experiment with it. It all goes back to you being confident and daring. Editing and discipline are a MUST. 
    • Remember, contrast is beautiful, but clash is NOT!
    • Since an eclectic style tends to look busier, a simple background like white walls not only helps create balance in the rooms, but also will showcase your pieces beautifully. 
    • Repeating different elements, such as shapes or colors, is what gives an Eclectic style home a pulled together appearance. Thoughtfully choose the elements that you want to repeat. And experiment.
    • Scale and proportion are important in any well designed home but this is especially true in an eclectic home since so much is going on.
    • With an Eclectic style, you have more freedom to choose different colors. If there is a piece in your room that you love, you can carry that color to one wall and create an accent wall. 
    • Remember that an unexpected piece or an unexpected placement is essential in an Eclectic home. They key is to keep the area around unexpected pieces simple so they can stand out.
    • You can have lots of fun mixing different types of textiles in an eclectic home. Again, just find an element that pulls them together. 
    Experiment and push the boundaries while following some simple rules. And this is when the fun begins!
     You might also enjoy reading Is Your Decorating Style Transitional?.
  • A Simplified Guide For Choosing Wall Colors For Your Home & Yolo Paint

    Color is one of the most important elements in our lives. It has a language of its own and it effects our mood and creates emotions. It’s part of who we are and how we feel.

    When I was eight years old, my parents bought me bright patent red leather shoes. It was the most beautiful vibrant color and ever since then, the color red has been my favorite. The shades of red preferred and it’s intensity changed for me year by year, but my love of the color has remained constant. There is always an accent of red in my home and in my wardrobe. 

    As I mentioned earlier, color is the language of our emotions.  Color inspires, motivates, energizes, soothes, enlivens, demands attention and creates focal points. Knowing the relationships of colors with these emotions is key of choosing the right color for the right room for YOU! Remember after all, it is all about you and each one of us is unique in how we want our rooms to feel. 

    Start the process of choosing a color for your room by asking yourself what kind of emotion is it that you wish to achieve through color? For example, RED is the color of passion and conversation, while Blues and Greens are calming colors. Add a bit of white to the red and the new color, Pink, will create a romantic mood to any room. Yellow is a color associated with creativity, while Orange is the color of high energy and appetite. Have you wondered why so many fast food restaurants use the color orange in their signs? Brown is the color of stability and reliability. It instantly adds warmth and comfort to any setting. Brown is a great color to ground or balance other colors. White   illuminates any room. 

    Did you also know that by how you choose to use colors, you can change the feel and look of a space? Here are few examples:

    • By choosing lighter colors you will transform small and darker rooms into airier and brighter ones. 
    • By repeating colors through other elements in the room, such as with accessories, you will visually link the spaces together. This creates a flow, which is also soothing to the mind since it creates harmony. 
    • Color as a highlight can define separate spaces in your home AND highlight the features.
    • Darker walls can instantly set off any light object in the room and create a powerful focal point.
    Here are some tips for how to use a  color strip and select a color successfully:
    • When you are looking at a color strip to choose a paint color, you should keep in mind that deep accent colors appear more intense on the walls in the same way that light colors appear even lighter. 
    • If you want more of the softer one with just a hint of color, then select the top two colors on the paint strip. 
    • If you want to add more drama to your room, then choose the colors in the center section of the color strip.
    • The natural lighting in your rooms effect the paint. I highly recommend buying sample paint or big color swatches and see how these colors look in your room during day AND night. Light bulbs that you use in your home, incandescent and florescent, will influence the colors on your wall differently than natural light.
    There are different paint finishes and you may wonder why this is important to keep in mind. Different paint finishes have different durabilities and they react differently with light. Egg shell, semi gloss, and high gloss paint reflect more light and make the rooms look lighter and are more durable than stain and flat.
    Any room with any color can look inviting and elegant if it is a cohesive room. Limit the number of colors that you choose for each room. Remember that ceilings and floors are your fifth and sixth walls of your room. These, as well as the furniture and accessories, are also important elements in your room that should be incorporated into the design.
    Yellow living room by
    The good news is that choosing and living with a color is not a scientific approach. There are no right or wrong choices. As I have already mentioned, color is a self expression and is as unique as you are. Whether you like those playful and energetic orange colors or the peaceful sea-foam colors, it doesn’t matter. What matters is for you is to choose a color scheme that is as real as you. 
    Last, but not least, we recently have discovered a new paint company: Yolo Paint, and we are in love with this paint. In addition to their sophisticated yet simple to use palate, which is just AMAZING, YOLO paint is a totally green product. Not only we are going to highly recommend this brand of paint to our clients from now on, we have already started to use them in our homes. Stay tuned for the “after photos”.  Check out their website,, and play with their colors via their virtual room. Let us know what colors you fall in love with. We’re going to blog about our favorite Yolo color combinations in the near future. 
    Have fun experimenting and discovering your OWN colors!
  • White Paint For The Walls

    White paint!  It seems that many people have a love – hate relationship with white paint.  Frequently, when I meet with my interior design clients OR home sellers, I hear comments like those listed below over and over. So I thought it would be helpful to discuss some of these issues related to white paint.

    tips on choosing white paint for your home.
    Is white paint a right choice for your home or not?
    • “I have lived with white walls because I am afraid of choosing the wrong colors.”  This is a common comment that we hear from of our clients. If you are afraid of choosing a color, that doesn’t mean that you have to stick with white.  You should live with white walls only because this is something that you love to live with and white walls in the right homes can be stunning. You can overcome this problem by either finding a professional who can provide color consultations (and this is small investment with big impact) or purchasing small paint samples yourself and paint 2’x2′ white boards and pin them on your wall. This way you can live with the colors that are considering for awhile and see how it changes with the natural light throughout day. This is a very effective exercise. 
    • “I hate white! It’s boring and makes the rooms feel cold.”  Not all white colors are created equally.  I think the generic contractor white is to blame for this misunderstanding. There are so many beautiful shades of white to choose from and it works well in any style of home. Many different elements like wood, texture, and accessories can be brought into an all white room to make it inviting and cozy.
    • How to choose white paint for your home.
      White walls in a modern and country style home. Source: Elle Decor & Sweet Savannah Rooms
    • “This room needs to be painted in white since it is small and I want to make it look bigger.”  This is another myth and it doesn’t hold true all the time. Some of the smaller rooms look more inviting and energized with the help of some BOLD color like this powder room that belonged to a house that we staged for one of our clients. 
      tips on choosing bold colors for small rooms
      This bold orange powder room is stunning.
    • “Ceilings always have to be white.” Again, not always. You should think of your ceiling as your fifth wall. Elements of fun, elegance and surprise can be brought into to a room by being creative with the ceiling colors or patterns.
    • tips on Painting the ceilings of your rooms
      Remember your ceiling is your FIFTH wall. Source: House Beautiful and
    • “White is the best color when it comes to selling homes.”  Again, this is a myth. Warm neutral colors are the best choices for homes for sale and not all neutrals are white.  In addition, some rooms look lovely with bold colors. If you read this previous blog you will see that I said YES to all different colors for this home for sale since it was done tastefully and thoughtfully.  Whereas the sellers of this home for sale   should have had followed our advice and painted the walls in Jute by Benjamin Moore, which is a warm neutral.
    • “All white paints are the same.”  Another myth busted.  There are many many white colors both in warm and cool tones. If you just look at a fan deck, you will see all sorts of white colors. “White walls will showcase my art pieces better.”   It is true that most museums and art galleries use white walls to showcase their pieces. But this is because they rotate many many pieces around all the time and white walls are easier to deal with.  However, when it comes to your own home, you can use different wall colors not only to showcase your art pieces, but even to enhance a feature about them that you love.How to choose paint color for your walls
    • Colors on walls can actually showcase your wall art in a stronger way. Source: Decorati

      Don’t be afraid to experiment. This is the only way for you to find out what is it that your really love and want.  Go Ahead and start painting!