• Staging Sells Homes

    The Real Estate Staging Association recently released the most current figures on home staging. The 2016-RESA-Home-Staging-Statistics-Report-Final (1)results show what many in the industry already know: staging sells homes. In a recent study, they found that unstaged homes spent, on average, 184 days on the market. That’s approximately six months; six months of paying your mortgage, and six months of mounting bills! Once these homes were staged they sold within an average span of 41 days. Amazingly, the homes that were staged originally sold at an average of 23 days per home. Even in the hottest market, staging gives your home an edge that unstaged homes do not have.

  • Modern Sammamish New Construction


    Seattle Staged to Sell had the privilege to stage a beautiful house nestled in the Sammamish area. The new construction transitional home is tucked in a quaint neighborhood surrounded by lush greenery, which inspired us to bring the outdoors in! While the home has a very classic look we were able to choose neutral colors for the furniture pieces with touches of blues, greens, and hints of yellow to make the inside of the house pop.Read more

  • A Staged Seattle Home in a Queen Anne Neighborhood SOLD in 4 Hours!

    One of the things that makes Seattle such a fascinating city is the presence of so many unique and charming neighborhoods.  Queen Anne is one of those, sitting beautifully on top of a hill and filled with distinctive and interesting homes. When we receive calls to stage Queen Anne homes, we get super excited. 

    Last month, I received a call from a new agent from RE/MAX Realty. She told me that in the previous year she had seen one of my staged homes in Queen Anne and had picked up my card AND had kept it all this time. Now she was ready to work with a new home stager and wanted me to look at her upcoming listing in Queen Anne. 

    This house had much of the old world charm and a bit of an unusual floor plan due to a later remodel. This agent told me from the beginning that the house had challenging floor plans and that it needed a very thoughtful design, otherwise it would not appeal to home buyers. Without even seeing it, I knew immediately that I wanted to stage this Seattle Queen Anne neighborhood house. After all, I love a challenge! 

    And yes, the agent was right — the living room did have a challenging floor plan:

    • The addition didn’t flow into the existing space smoothly, but from the start, I knew how to make this work.  We needed to divide the living room.
    • The large windows, even though very beautiful, were totally off-center and the window seat made it difficult to place the furniture in this space.
    • The fireplace was in the far corner and this focal point competed with the windows.

    Solution: Divide & Conquer! To stage and define this house for the potential buyers, we had to define the new addition separately from the rest of the living room, yet still create a sense of flow. We decided to use the same sofa and love seat in both of these rooms as well as the same color palate. This manner of repetition in staging homes is an effective way to make these difficult types of floor plans work.

    A week later, the agent called to tell me that her listing was in escrow and that from then on she would have all of her listings staged.


  • A Small House with a BIG Personality

    Some homes are charming just because they are small. Small homes with big personalities are some of my favorite homes to stage and this could not be truer than this Seattle home on South Weller Street which belonged to one of my Realtor clients, Allie.

    Allie called and asked if I could stage her own rental property. To me, when a real estate agent, especially a well seasoned and experienced one like Allie, asks to stage their own property, it is a HUGE honor. 

    It was so easy to fall in love with this small house. The big personality was oozing out and as I told Allie, we just have to go with the energy of the house. The house was built in the early 1900’s, and like any other older home, it had its own old charm. However, something about this (the big personality) was screaming at us “I can be a modern home too.” As always, I listened to the voice of the house. I told Allie that we needed to mix the traditional with the modern. This house demanded it.


    • I suggested painting the house a beautiful soft white grey, Balboa Mist by Benjamin Moore, to instantly freshen up the house and to add a modern feel to the old charm 
    • Selected modern wall art pieces
    • Added red accent color throughout the house
    • Selected modern sofa and chairs
    • Chose to go with vintage Persian rugs
    • Brought in the old charm feel to the kitchen
    • Highlighted the amazing sunroom

    By listening to the voice of the house and staging it accordingly, we were able to help the potential home buyers who came through this house to hear through this voice and feel the big personality of the house. It was sold in just days with multiple offers and fetched $49,000 MORE than the asking price.

    It was an honor and a privilege to stage this house for one of my own clients, and help her meet her sales goal and even surpass it. I know she had the choice of working with any home stager and I’m honored that she trusted her own home in our hands.


  • Staged & SOLD Magnolia Townhouses

    Magnolia modern townhouses Staged&SOLD in just hours! Wonderfully made buildings plus staging and marketing translates into success.

    I know I have said this a thousand time, but it is easy to fall in love with your staged homes. At least we at Seattle Staged To Sell do. Usually, when we go to stage homes, there are about four of us. Initially we walk through each home to discuss what is happening in each room and this is when WE get emotionally attached to our staged homes.

    Staged and SOLD in hours
    Staged and SOLD in hours

    When we were walking through this townhouse, room by room, we couldn’t help by falling in love with the finishes and the beautiful details. What we loved the most:

    1. The fact that this house is built GREEN – This is a plus for this day and age
    2. Loved the drift wood style wood floors – Did we say loved, meant to say we LOVED the floors
    3. Unlike most builders, the carpets where in rich olive color. It was such a delight to see this bold choice and not another beige color carpet.
    4. The sleek shiny kitchen cabinets and the contrast between their textures and  the mat finish of the floors
    5. Kitchen counters – white quartz counters
    6. Bathroom floors – gorgeous dark stones
    7. Not sticking a powder room of the kitchen on the main floor, just so each floor has a bathroom. I personally feel that bathrooms right by the kitchen is not a nice feature. Another bold move.

    All of these reasons and features grabbed the buyers hearts just as they captured our hearts. SOLD in just hours, both units, is not just because of luck. Beautifully built homes, staged, and marketed strongly results in success as we mentioned earlier on.

    The agent had this to say about the property:

    New Built-Green modern view home in desirable Magnolia features attractive design & high end construction. This stand alone/detached townhouse boasts a beautiful open floor plan providing space & comfort. 3BR’s include a master-suite w/large walk-in-closet & private view deck. Sizable garage. No expense spared w/quartz counters, induction range, ductless mini-split high energy efficiency w/ A/C, brushed white oak flooring, designer porcelain tile & limestone entry. You’ll love this neighborhood.

    And home buyers did. It’s just too bad there were not more two town houses.

  • Houzz 2013 Awards in Best Design & Customer Satisfaction Categories

    We are honored to have received the Houzz 2013 awards in both categories, Best Design and Customer Satisfaction.

  award for best design in 2013 
    When I began Seattle Staged To Sell, I had one vision in mind which consisted of three goals. As crazy as it may sound, making money was not one of my goals.
    What mattered to me were:
    • Our Relationships – I wanted our clients to have an unforgettable experience working with us. Having gone through some tough times and experiencing losses, I understood from the start that all circumstances are different and not all home sales are for happy reasons. I’m a firm believer that being able to empathize allowed me to connect with clients in a deeper way and this made their experience of working with us memorable. We didn’t advertise our business, our clients did that with their referrals. 
    • Our Designs – Providing unique designs for each of our homes was very important to me from the start. I have seen designs that have been repeated too many times and they have become generic. Even if it meant saving money by creating cookie cutter designs, I was not willing to do it.  Again, this might sound crazy when you are starting a new small business and every penny counts, but I felt that individual touches and listing to every home’s voice is the only approach in designing homes. Prepackaged bins might save time in the long run, but saving money was not my focus. Creating beautiful designs was. We never made our designs about furniture pieces, but rather, about creating life styles for each home. 
    • Keep Loving What We Do – What is the fun of doing anything if you don’t love and enjoy what you are doing? What makes us love what we do even more? Our relationships with our clients and coming up with more unique designs. We have been blessed working with wonderful home owners and realtors, who just give us so much positive energy. 

    This is why when we received this award, the 2013 Best Of Houzz, it made us jump for joy. After being in business for eight years and looking back, we realize that our little successes have been because of our vision and not compromising. This award is another validation of our vision and this is why we feel so proud and yet also, so humbled.

    the best of 2013 houzz award

  • Our 2012 Seattle Home Staging Statistics & Fun Facts


    A Happy New Year to all of you and welcome to 2013!

    As usual, THANKS to an outstanding and dedicated team as well as YOU, our clients, we had an amazing 2012. It is always exciting for us to look back at this time of the year and see how we have grown as a company and as people. I’d like to take this opportunity to share some of our 2012 successes with you.Read more

  • Emerald – 2013 Pantone Color of the Year is About Harmony & Prosperity

    Seattle Interior design colors of 2013
    Emerald color is a color of prosperity, harmony, and generosity

    2012 Pantone color of the year, Tango-Tangerine, was all about  intense and firry energy . In 2013 as we say good bye to this bold color, we are saying hello to the new Pantone color – Emerald 17-5641.

    Emerald 17-5641 is a rich, bright, and uplifting color symbolizing growth, prosperity, rebirth and harmony. Green is associated with positive energy in which it gives us the ability to nurture ourselves as well as others. Perhaps this is why there is an abundance of GREEN in nature. Green is a mixture of blue and yellow colors. Therefore, Green has the clarity and optimism of the color of yellow and the emotional calmness of the color blue.


    Seattle Interior design and decor trends 

    Soon, different shades of green will find their way into your home decor and wardrobe.

    Wishing you all a green, prosperous, and harmonious 2013.

  • Seattle Home Staging – Preparing a Magnolia Home for Sale

    Recently we were asked to stage a unique and updated traditional home in Magnolia, one of Seattle’s charming neighborhoods. For us at Seattle Staged To Sell, staging homes in Magnolia is just a blast. 

    seattle home staging in Magnolia
    A beautifully staged Magnolia house was ready to welcome home buyers

    After our initial visit, we identified both the challenges and the highlights. This is how we addressed them all: 


    • This Magnolia home had one bedroom on each floor – this meant that this home would appeal to a professional person/couple with no kids or an older kid. Families with young children prefer homes where the kids bedrooms are closer to the master bedroom. And this scenario was not true for this house.
    • The floor plan made the house feel choppy and without a real flow.
    • In addition, this Magnolia house had only a small court yard as an exterior space.
    Seattle staging houses
    We prepared and kept the staging of this Magnolia house simple and elegant in order to create a sophisticated feel.
    • A wonderful master bedroom with territorial views that were just delightful
    • The floor plan was perfect for a family without kids, yet who might have many out of town guests or have extended family living with them.
    • A very low maintenance garden/court yard

    We staged and prepared this Magnolia house by selecting neutral furniture pieces and added red and orange colors and carried these colors throughout the house to create a flow. Home staging defined every space of this home for our targeted buyers. This house was SOLD in 18 days and the clients are just delighted. 


  • Holiday Decorating Tips for Homes for Sale

    Holidays are about families, getting together, buying presents, and expressing our sense of style and merriment with our holiday decorating. Most importantly, we want to be having fun while doing all these things. However, such activities can be somewhat challenging, and perhaps even unpleasant, if trying to sell one’s home during the holidays.

    It’s true that the process of selling your home includes removing your personal touches and purging the clutter to create open and inviting spaces for the home buyers. However, by following these simple tips, you’ll be able to create a balance between preparing your home for the holidays and keeping it show ready for the buyers.

    Holiday decorating tips for homes for sale
    A monochromatic holiday decor with a tall and narrow Christmas tree creates an open and festive mood for your home. Picture Source: Southern Living

    Simple holiday decorating tips for homes that are for sale:

    • Less is ALWAYS better than more when it comes to selling your home, especially during the holiday season. Be selective and don’t overcrowd your home with lots of decorations. Put out the items that you really love and forgo the giant Santa and elf figurines in your garden. Keep in mind that home buyers are purchasing your home and not your Christmas decorations. 
    • Selling homesChoose a monochromatic color palate like silver, white or gold. These are festive colors and also echo winter colors.
    • Be mindful that although people celebrate holidays in different ways, everyone relates to the winter season. Create focal points and focus by bringing the outside in. Evergreen branches, ivy, and red berry branches are beautiful and seasonal. Nature is a universal language.
    • Instead of poinsettias and colored candles, consider using white potted hydrangea and ivory candles. 
    • Tips for holiday decorating when homes are on the market for saleNature is a universal language and everyone relates to it.
    • If you’re celebrating Christmas, choose a slender (tall and narrow) tree with ONLY a few nicely wrapped presents underneath. Remember, you are selling floor space and this choice will add height to your home without taking up too much square footage.
    • Consider removing one or two furniture pieces to make room for the Christmas tree. 
    • White Christmas lights are best suited for homes for sale, especially if you like to add additional ones around your windows. Remember that lights with white wires are more elegant than multicolored lights with traditional green wires. 
    • Add a 2-hour Duraflame log to the fireplace for all of your open houses. 
    • The potential buyers and the agents always appreciate festive cookies and this gives the buyers another sweet memory of your home.