Staging A Seattle Mt. Baker House With Stunning Views For Sale

Seattle staged to sell staged homes

For those of us who live in Seattle, we know that  Mt. Baker homes means having views of Lake Washington, I-90 Bridge, and the magestic Mt. Rainier. Furthermore, when it comes to Seattle Seafair, these view homes offer the front seat to the Blue Angels air show. When we saw this house for the first time, we knew that we needed to keep the design simple , sophisticated and calm to allow for ... READ MORE

A Tiny Ballard House With A BIG Personality

staged ballard house living room

Yes, at 800 square feet, this Ballard house was on the small side. But when it came to boldness, this tiny house had a BIG personality. We were not surprised, when we got the news that home buyers were bitting against each other and this BIG tiny house was sold for much more than asking price with multiple offers. What made this small house standout among all of the neighboring bigger houses ? ... READ MORE

Designing A Downtown Seattle Penthouse

Seattle downtown Penthouse Staged

Designing this downtown Seattle Penthouse was a total blast. A super large living room, with massive windows with the views of downtown Seattle , and a beautiful fireplace made this penthouse stand out among the rest.  Tt offered an unusually spacious living space for a condominium sitting. The entry to the penthouse set the tone and we brought some of these rich orange red colors and natural ... READ MORE

A 800 Sq/Ft Ballard House With A Big Personality

Ballard house staged photos

This 800 sq./ft. house in Ballard was one of the smallest homes that we have staged in Seattle area with one of the biggest personality. This small quaint house with all of its charm stood out among the bigger neighboring houses with confidence. Have you heard the saying, “why blend in when you can stand out?” This was true for this house starting with the bold red front door. This is what curb ... READ MORE

A Shoreline Remodeling Project Completed With Perfection

Seattle Staged To Sell staging a remodeled home

As designers and home stagers, we often partner with builders and real estate investors assisting them with their projects in various ways. These projects can be as extensive as selecting all the finishes and products for the custom build homes, selecting exterior and interior colors, or coming up with the best home staging strategy for each home. For us, being design junkies, is always ... READ MORE

7 Steps Made This Brix Condominium In Capitol Hill Show Ready

Brix condo in the heart of Capitol Hill

Excitement, a happening place, wonderful choices of restaurants, shopping for that unique piece, and gourmet chocolatier are few ideas that comes to mind when Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle is mentioned. Capitol Hill is part of Seattle that is always buzzing with excitement and never goes to sleeps. Brix condominium is one of those special Capitol Hill condominium building that is in the ... READ MORE

Staging Seattle Condos for Targeted Buyers

Who lives in downtown Seattle anyway? After staging a ton of downtown Seattle condos, we have learned that the people who live in this area fall into three different groups: Young professionals who work downtown or nearby and love being where the action is. This demographic usually purchases studios or one or two bedroom condos on the lower end price range. Professional couples or ... READ MORE

Staging a Mercer Island Mid Century Home for Sale

Mercer Island Staged Home mid century

Mercer Island is one of the more affluent neighborhoods in Greater Seattle. It is known for its excellent public schools, lush surroundings, and the view of Lake Washington. Many people like to buy homes in Mercer Island because of these qualities. We didn't know what kind of house we would find when were asked to see this Mid Century home in Mercer Island. But as soon as the doors opened and ... READ MORE

Yellow & Green Colors For The Staging Design Of A Modern Green Lake House

Modern Green Lake Staged House

Our home staging design, brought the soothing and tranquil colors of green and yellow to this Green Lake Modern house. We wanted our design to be simple, neutral and with some pop of colors. The white walls, enormous windows, the light bamboo floors, and the clean lines of the actual house, gave us a great background for gray and light green color combination. For some homes, especially ... READ MORE

Bellevue New Construction Home Staging

Bellevue New Construction Home Staging

Before I share how home staging produced fantastic results for this particular Bellevue new construction, I like to share with you some of my own experience being in this business. After having a home staging business in the Greater Seattle Area for years, I have come across all kinds of comments about staging from both the believers and nonbelievers.  For example: Home staging didn't  make a ... READ MORE