Emerald – 2013 Pantone Color of the Year is About Harmony & Prosperity

Seattle Interior design colors of 2013

Emerald color is a color of prosperity, harmony, and generosity

2012 Pantone color of the year, Tango-Tangerine, was all about  intense and firry energy . In 2013 as we say good bye to this bold color, we are saying hello to the new Pantone color – Emerald 17-5641.

Emerald 17-5641 is a rich, bright, and uplifting color symbolizing growth, prosperity, rebirth and harmony. Green is associated with positive energy in which it gives us the ability to nurture ourselves as well as others. Perhaps this is why there is an abundance of GREEN in nature. Green is a mixture of blue and yellow colors. Therefore, Green has the clarity and optimism of the color of yellow and the emotional calmness of the color blue.


Seattle Interior design and decor trends 

Soon, different shades of green will find their way into your home decor and wardrobe.

Wishing you all a green, prosperous, and harmonious 2013.

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