A “Hipster Vintage” Staging Design For This Seattle Mid-Century House

I just love being a home stager.  And the best part is that as a Seattle home stager, I get to design and stage so many beautiful homes. This Mid-Century house in Seattle is a good example of this. To showcase the beautiful simple lines, the big windows, and that MCM feel of the house, we decided to create a hipster vintage modern staging design

Seattle Staged mid century modern home

Staged Seattle Mid Century Home In Shoreline Neighborhood

We really enjoyed staging this lovely Seattle house. Being able to add some of our true Mid-Century Modern pieces and creating the feel of that era for the house was just super fun for us. We had fun pieces like a MCM ashtray, vintage matches, real MCM furniture pieces from the 50’s with low backs. We even carried this design in the kitchen with our selection of MCM items. 

What we at Seattle Staged To Sell pride ourselves for creating individual and unique designs for each house has this principle has been our guiding light through all the years that we have been staging Seattle houses. For us, no two homes are the same and we stage each home differently. Even though it would be much cheaper and easier for us to just create cookie cutter designs, we choose to take the extra steps and create appealing and suitable designs for our staged houses.

We have blogged about this concept and described, for example, how we even stage two different Seattle townhouses with very similar floor plans differently. Our staging approach is based on the targeted buyers and the style of the home. The price range of the house will be reflected through our inventory selection. Our focus is all about creating a right lifestyle for the home and the potential buyers. 

It’s a pleasure for all of us to stage beautiful Seattle houses, such as this mid-centtury house.  Each house gives us a unique set of challenges as well as wonderful elements to work with and this truly drives our passion as Seattle home stagers.

Seattle Staged to Sell

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