SEVEN Reasons Why This Amazing Mid-Century House Was Not Selling

Home staging transformation of a Magnolia house for sale STAGED BY SEATTLE STAGED TO SELL

This beautiful homeowner occupied Mid-Century house in Magnolia, which is one of the most charming neighborhoods in Seattle, was for sale for almost six months. It's actually still on the market. Except this time, this home has gone through an amazing transformation and it is ready to greet the buyers.We decided that the BEFORE & AFTER photos can speak for themselves. Don't forget that the ... READ MORE

A Staged Seattle Homeowner-Occupied House SOLD In ONE Day!

Before and after staging master bedroom

Every home can benefit from home staging and this Seattle homeowner occupied home is a perfect example of this. Carl, the homeowner, was ready to sell his Seattle house and move into his new condo and he was excited about his new downsized living.  His realtor had advised him of the benefits or home staging and since he was eager to move, he was more than willing to have his home staged.  When ... READ MORE

Another Seattle Home Staged & SOLD In ONE Day

Seattle Staged Home On Dearborn Ave South

There are LOTS of aspects about my home staging business, that I love. But three of them stand out above all the rest. First, I get to meet some amazing people that I would not have otherwise. Second, I come across so many unusual homes and neighborhoods that I would not have seen if I was not a Seattle based home stager. Third, I get to see homes transformed before the FOR SALE sign goes up. ... READ MORE

Professional Home Stagers Stage Houses for the Home Buyers’ & Cameras’ Eyes

before home staging photos

Professional Home Stagers stage houses for the home buyer's eyes and the eye's of cameras.  The way we live in our homes and the way we show our homes when they go to market are two different concepts. When we are living in our homes, everything is about US - OUR likes and OUR comfort. Therefore, it is not surprising that homeowners end up with lots of "stuff" in their homes which turns into ... READ MORE