• SEVEN Reasons Why This Amazing Mid-Century House Was Not Selling

    This beautiful homeowner occupied Mid-Century house in Magnolia, which is one of the most charming neighborhoods in Seattle, was for sale for almost six months. It’s actually still on the market. Except this time, this home has gone through an amazing transformation and it is ready to greet the buyers.We decided that the BEFORE & AFTER photos can speak for themselves.

    Don’t forget that the before pictures of this Magnolia house shows the state of the house while it WAS on the market.

    • Confusing Master Bedroom – The master bedroom, despite it’s magnificent views, had some challenges. One wall housed all of the closets and the built-ins. The doors to the master bathroom and outside porch were situated on the third wall. The fourth wall was taken out by the previous owner and was replaced by French Doors leading to the next bedroom. Therefore, in reality, you could not put the bed against any wall. This bed placement was one of the main reasons that this home was not sold. The home is a view home and this is the main reason that the home buyers would buy this house. Having the bed face the closets vs. the views was problematic. We solved this problem by floating the bed and brought a dresser and used it as a headboard. The problem was solved!  
    Home staging transformation of a Magnolia house for sale STAGED BY SEATTLE STAGED TO SELL
    Master bedroom BEFORE & AFTER
    • Mismatched & Misplaced Furniture Pieces – The living room, which was the first room that buyers would walk into, was cluttered with many misplaced and wrong furniture pieces. This not only didn’t show the lifestyle for this house, but it also created a distraction from the main focal point of the house. The TV blocked the views and the dated and mismatched furniture created a feeling that this house was neglected and in need of extensive repairs. 
    Magnolia house before staging and after staging by seattle staged to sell
    Wrong and misplaced furniture pieces created distraction

    The kitchen, pictured below, looked dated, cluttered, and lost even though it was remodeled and had beautiful cabinets. By bringing in a modern dining table, creating a sitting space, and de-cluttering, this kitchen was transformed into an inviting and modern area. See how the windows with the amazing views have now become one of the main focal points of this space. 


    Home staging transformation by seattle staged to sell
    This kitchen was missing a seating space and elegance.
    • Clutter Here & Clutter There – There was clutter everywhere. The closets were filled with items that the home sellers told me later that they didn’t even use anymore. For example, the entry coat closet housed the garden tools, bags of different fertilizer and the vacuum cleaner. When selling homes, the house should be de-cluttered, the extra furniture pieces should be eliminated and the closets should be thinned out. An entry coat closet for example should be showcased as a coat closet and not a catch-all space for everything that doesn’t have a defined space.
    • Not Depersonalized – The house was still about the home sellers and not the buyers. All of their personal items were in display throughout the home. The bathrooms were filled with their personal hygiene products. Even the signs of their choice of presidential candidate were displayed. Political signs have NO place in the homes FOR SALE, especially during the election year. Home buyers who came through the house could not make an emotional connection with it.
    • Mildew, Dirty Windows, Plastic Grocery Bags In The Garbage Bins – Do I need even expand and explain why this is a a HUGE NO! NO!? This is definitely a wrong approach when you are trying to sell ANY house. But even more so for a high-end home like this one. 
    • Forgotten Spaces – When you are selling a house, there should be NO FORGOTTEN spaces. You are selling square footage, so show it off. This house has a huge finished basement, which had become a neglected space. We addressed the problem by replacing some of the homeowner’s furniture pieces and moving their massive TV from the living room to the basement to create an inviting media room. It is all about suggestions.
    • Deferred Repairs – This home clearly was in need of some obvious repairs. When it is obvious, YOU as home sellers should try to address the issues. It will get called out later anyway and will result in a price reduction. With the help of your agent, you should identify your MUST repairs and get them done. This house had failed windows, rotten exterior trim, and needed to be painted. 
    After all of these issues were addressed and the house was staged and transformed, NOW the home was ready for the market!  







  • A Staged Seattle Homeowner-Occupied House SOLD In ONE Day!

    Every home can benefit from home staging and this Seattle homeowner occupied home is a perfect example of this.

    Carl, the homeowner, was ready to sell his Seattle house and move into his new condo and he was excited about his new downsized living.  His realtor had advised him of the benefits or home staging and since he was eager to move, he was more than willing to have his home staged. 

    When we get these kinds of projects, our biggest questions are:

    • What existing pieces can we incorporate into our designs to save money for the home seller
    • What can we do to make life easier for homeowners who live in their homes and have to keep their homes show ready while their home is on the market for sale. The comfort of the homeowner is important, otherwise they will not be able to keep up the “staged” look and design

    The master bedroom of this homeowner-occupied home had these challenges:

    • The bed was blocking the big beautiful windows
    • The bedding was old and had seen better days
    • The dresser placement was wrong
    • A piece was missing
    • The walls were blank 
    Before and after staging master bedroom
    Solutions: Redesigned the room, added new bedding and wall art pieces, and brought a chair from the basement to fill up the corner

    By Redesigning the existing furniture and adding new bedding and accessories from our inventory, this home was now ready the for Seattle real estate market. When home buyers look online to find their homes, which picture do you think would entice them to come and take a closer look? 

    The way homeowners live in their homes and the way they should present their homes to prospective home buyers are very different from each other.  This living room had these challenges: 

    • The furniture placement was not inviting nor offered a cozy conversation area
    • The TV blocked the window and the view all of the tangled wires was super distracting
    • A rocking chair blocked the fireplace
    • The built-ins were unorganized and cluttered
    • The walls were blank and lacked interest

    We moved the existing sofa to the basement and brought in a more modern and smaller love seat with coordinating chairs and accent pieces to create a conversation area around the fireplace. The TV was no longer blocking the window and by removing the speakers, we managed to reduce the view of the tangled wires to a minimum. The book shelves were de-cluttered and we added interesting and colorful accessories.  Home staging made all the difference for this occupied home for sale. 

    Bathrooms are very important to homebuyers and they look at every detail. This is true even more so for small bathrooms. As a professional home stager, I help homeowners who have to live in their homes while their homes are on the market to get organized and to STAY organized by creating management systems.  This bathroom had these challenges: 

    • Cluttered
    • Too many personal items
    • Old and tired towels

    A bit of de-cluttering, organizing and freshening up went a long way to shine this small bathroom.

    For many people, basements become forgotten places for homeowners and when you are selling your home, you are actually selling the square footage of your home.  There should be NO FORGOTTEN places. This basement had these challenges:

    • This space had become a catchall place and the function of the room was left to one’s imagination
    • The fireplace and the windows, which were the main focal points of this room, were lost

    We turned this forgotten place into an inviting second living space for this home seller by using the existing  sofa from living room, and added a couple of chairs and accent pieces with accessories from our own inventory to soften the space, create interest, and define it for the home buyers.

    This Seattle house was SOLD on the first day and the home owner could not be happier. This homeowner is busy packing to move into his new home, knowing that his house was sold for the top dollar in the least amount of the time.  

    Every home, whether vacant or homeowner-occupied can benefit from home staging.  This is why 2011 HomeGain survey showed home staging with a 399% ROI.

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  • Another Seattle Home Staged & SOLD In ONE Day

    There are LOTS of aspects about my home staging business, that I love. But three of them stand out above all the rest. First, I get to meet some amazing people that I would not have otherwise. Second, I come across so many unusual homes and neighborhoods that I would not have seen if I was not a Seattle based home stager. Third, I get to see homes transformed before the FOR SALE sign goes up.  This is just delightful! 

    This particular home on Dearborn Ave South is a good example. When I met with the homeowners of this rental property, Eric and Courtney, it was as though I had known them forever. Right away, we connected and had so much fun walking through their house and hearing stories of how they used different spaces and about the fun parties they had shared with their family and friends. This home was totally a four-season entertainment home. I knew right away, that we need to convey this to the potential buyers.

    Michael Ackerman, the listing agent, and I were getting so excited as we were discussing our home staging strategies. Michael is one of our amazing and inspiring  ideal clients. After working with each other for so long, we know how to work together to produce the best results for our clients. Right away, we knew what needed to be done to transform this Seattle home and get the greatest ROI for our clients.

    Seattle Staged Home On Dearborn Ave South

    Another charming FOR SALE Seattle home was successfully staged, transformed, and ready for the market. After the repairs and home staging were complete, Michael Ackerman felt that the house should be priced higher than the initial estimate since it was now a different and improved product.

    When you are planning to put your home on the market, keep the big picture in mind. Follow the advice of your realtor and home stager and come onto the market when you have transformed your home and it is ready. It takes more effort to sell homes successfully, especially these days, when home buyers are looking on the internet to find their homes. According to 2011 HomeGain – you will get your money back and then some!


  • Professional Home Stagers Stage Houses for the Home Buyers’ & Cameras’ Eyes

    Professional Home Stagers stage houses for the home buyer’s eyes and the eye’s of cameras. 

    The way we live in our homes and the way we show our homes when they go to market are two different concepts. When we are living in our homes, everything is about US – OUR likes and OUR comfort. Therefore, it is not surprising that homeowners end up with lots of “stuff” in their homes which turns into clutter. This is usually even more true for renters. 

    Frequently, the home sellers and even the real estate agents tell us “I’m not sure if you can figure out these rooms since they are cluttered and filled with boxes” because the homeowners are in the process of packing. But as professional home stagers, we have the skills to look beyond the clutter and chaos and see the house through the home buyers’ eyes. 

    Since we often hear these comments and since home sellers are often skeptical of us being able to see through all their “stuff”, we thought it would be fun to share some before and after pictures with you. This way you can see examples of what we see during our initial walkthrough visits and what the home buyers see after the houses have been staged.

    Before Staging photos
    Bathroom or a laundry room?
    •  This bathroom also housed the laundry appliances and when we saw it, it showed as a laundry room too. Do you notice all those laundry products by the bathtub? But we knew what this place could be turned into!
    Staged bathroom by seattle staged to sell
    This staged bathroom became inviting.
    • After staging, this bathroom was transformed into an inviting and well-defined space. The pop of the colors directed the eyes and the laundry appliances were not the focal point of this bathroom, the soaking tub was.

    Before staging photo

    • This room was off the bathroom pictured above and since it was the second bedroom of the house, it was important to showcase it as a possible bedroom.  We opted to define it as a multi-functional room. Even though the bathroom was connected to this room, it could not be staged and defined as a master bedroom because of it’s small size. We added a daybed and small desk to showcase both possible functions of second bedroom and a home office. 

    Staged House by Seattle staged to sell

    • Since this bedroom and the bathroom above were connected, we carried the same colors for continuity. As a home stager, I strongly recommend creating continuity whenever possible.

    before home staging photos

    • This room, even though it was not a bedroom, was being used as one. But we knew how it should defined and we envisioned the possibilities. 
    A house staged by Seattle Staged To Sell
    We always like to add the element of fun when it is appropriate. This was the case for this Seattle house
    • Previously a bedroom, this room was defined for the home buyers as a media room. Since we knew our targeted buyers were going to be a young professional couple, we wanted to keep the staged look colorful and fun for this house. 

    Home stagers can see through the clutter and chaos. Our trained eyes know how to stage and define spaces for the buyer’s eyes. If you are selling a home, put yourself into the buyer’s shoes. Which home would you likely come to see in the person and put an offer on?

    We were delighted to hear from the listing agent that this house got two offers within hours of going on the market and more offers were still coming in. 

    Selling your home in the Greater Seattle Area? We would love to help you. Please call us at 206-334-0266, to make your complimentary initial visit? 


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