• A Charming Ballard Tudor Home SOLD with TEN Offers

    Some houses just look like enchanted homes from story books. And this beautiful Ballard Tudor home is a perfect example of this. Obviously, home buyers felt the same way since it was sold only in few days with ten offers.

    It was easy to fall in love with the house even before entering. The garden, the window box planters filled with seasonal flowers, large windows, and that Tudor charm all demanded attention from the first sighting. The blooming Camellia shrub in the front was the icing on the cake. 

    The homeowners of this house had already moved into their new home only few blocks away. Being informed home sellers, they did everything within their power to turn their home into a product that was ready for the market. 

    When I meet with home sellers, I repeatedly emphasize the concept of turning homes into products.  The majority of home sellers have a difficult time detaching from their homes and investing their efforts in preparing their homes for the buyers.  Today’s buyers are savvy and the majority are not looking for homes in “as is” condition.

    However, these particular homeowners realized from the very start that it is not about them anymore and in order to get the greatest return out of their investment, they needed to make their home all about the buyers. From the beginning, it was easy to be impressed by these home sellers. They knew the drill and even before we came into the picture, they had already contacted and scheduled the painters, landscapers, and carpet cleaners. Homebuyers saw a charming Tudor home from the curb and they found the same charm throughout the house. 

    Being proactive like these homeowners is what gets the SOLD sign up with multiple offers.  And in this case, ten of them!  





  • Staged & SOLD In Three Days With EIGHT Offers. Find Out Why!

    This Ravenna neighborhood house in Seattle, WA was staged and received eight offers. The offers starting to come in after three days and it was sold for more than the asking price.

    The 2012 Greater Seattle Area real estate market has started in a strong way here in the Greater Seattle Area and those of us here at Seattle Staged To Sell are just THRILLED for our clients!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They have been meeting their sales goals and sometimes, even surpassing them.

    From our initial visit, we knew this house would appeal to many different groups of people, but we didn’t anticipate getting EIGHT offers.  Let’s review what we had to do to get the house ready for the market.

    First, we met at the home with Michael Ackerman, the listing agent, as well as the home sellers before they moved to California. After a careful walk-through, we created a list of projects that needed to be done before the staging took place.  Since the home sellers were going to be out of town, we stepped in and managed the project.

    Therefore, addressing the major issues of the home before it went on the market vs. having them to be called out at inspection was the first step to success. This not only made a stronger first impression, but it also avoided giving the home buyers ammunition to bargain down the asking price for all the work that needed to be done. We contacted Ready-Set-List to take on the major repairs. Below is the list of the all it had to take place before the house came on the market.  

    • Replace the entire back porch as the wood was completely rotten 
    • Refinish the wood floors and add the missing trim
    • Paint numerous walls
    • Repair and replace several broken windows
    • Remove a broken mirror on the closet door in one of the bedrooms
    • Re-grout the bathrooms and add the missing trim to the cabinet
    • Take down the dog fence 
    • Remove the broken shades
    • Paint the exterior window trim and fence
    • Clean out the garden beds and potted plants
    • Shampoo the carpets
    • Clean the house and the windows
    • STAGE
    • Have HD Estates take professional photos and video 

    Our staging strategy for this home:

    • We used  the rich red glass lighting above the sink as our inspiration and carried this color throughout the house with our accessories and wall art selections. We love to create a flow for our staged homes with our color choices.
    • The dining room had few challenges and was also a pathway to the kitchen and a bedroom as well as the staircase going up. We decided that a round table with four chairs suited this space best. We added a buffet to better define the area while creating a comfortable footpath for the traffic flow. 
    • Even though the master bedroom had room for a dresser, we decided not to bring one since it would have blocked the windows with the amazing views of the Green Lake. Instead, we opted out for a trunk and an upholstered bench.
    • We wanted to showcase the second bedroom as a teen room and/or a guest bedroom. We used a queen bed and added a chunky chair to showcase the size of the room and to make it more fun. We just took off the legs of the chair to avoid another window blockage. 
    • We also chose to create an additional elegant seating area for the entry instead of just using a bench.
    • The office/lounge area had the best views of the lake. Because of the winter season, the trees were not in bloom. We chose pillows that had red blossoms and this really gave the feel of how these trees would look  in the spring and summer months. See if you can spot the picture below.   As always we also defined and staged the unfinished basement to showcase ALL of the square footage of this home. We don’t believe in “forgotten spaces”.
    Ravenna house staged by Seattle Staged To Sell and was sold in 3 days with offers
    We used the red glass kitchen light above the sink as our inspiration and carried the red throughout the house.

    It took a collaborative effort to transform this house and make it ready for the market.  Here is the link to the video of this house made by HD Estates:

    Sometimes people think that results like this: “Staged & SOLD in three days with eight offers” depends only on luck. Yes, we all could use some luck with nice weather for the open houses and a great turn out, but as you can see, lots of work went into this house before it went on the market. And it all started with motivated and informed home buyers who were willing to invest in their home by having it professionally staged and photographed, teaming up with a star agent, and being willing to pay for the necessary repairs. This situation is truly an inspiration for other home sellers out who are seeking similar results. 



  • Staging Transformed This Seattle Home for Sale!

    Staging transformed this Seattle home for sale!   

    Are you selling your home? Still deciding on whether you should spend the money and have your home professionally staged? Hopefully, the AFTER pictures will convience you that spending money on home staging is not an expense, but instead, a sound investment.

    Staged house seattle

    We asked the home owners to repaint the green walls of this large bedroom into a warm and attractive neutral. We dressed up the shelves, brought in a queen size bed and defined the room as a teen room. The transformation speaks for itself. Which view of the room, before or after staging, do you think grabs the attention of home buyers and keeps them in the room longer?  Potential home buyers can  visualize themselves in the homes when they linger for a longer time in the rooms.

    This living room had attractive French Doors to the deck, an intersting cozy nook off of it, and a large original fireplace. The dark walls made this space look dark and the different colors on the walls chopped up the rooms and diminished the openness, which was a positive feature of this house. We created a cozy reading and relaxing nook to suggest one possibility of how this unique space could be used. Staging transformed this room by creating an open and cohesive well-defined space, showcasing all of the focal points.

     A kitchen is the heart of any home and an important room for home buyers. This kitchen before staging was dark and tired. We recommended to the home sellers to refinish the floors, re-stain the beautiful and original mid-centry kitchen cabinets, and paint the walls. This transformation was huge. The once tired and dark kitchen became an inviting and cheerful place for home buyers.

    Dark paint on the ceiling made this room look too dark, heavy and small. It’s amazing how a can of paint can change and transform a space so drastically. We choose the same neutral paint for this room and opted out for a white ceiling. After the painting and staging, this bright and cheerful room was ready to greet the potentially young home buyers.

    This room in the basement had caught on fire a long time ago and the homeowners never had the chance to do anything with the space. All too often,  home sellers dismiss the basement and leave it as is. This is a common mistake and something that all of us who do home staging find ourselves addressing. This is what I have to say about this:  when you are selling your homes, you are selling square footage. Therefore it is essential to transform your basement floor spaces from a catchall place into LIVING spaces. See how a bit of carpet and another can of paint transformed this space. We turned an unattractive and forgotten space into a cheerful media room.

    Statistics show that 95% of home buyers view properties online before deciding to come in person to view a home.   This has changed staging as an option into a MUST. A professional home stager and her/his team will stage and transform homes so that you can sell your properties for more money in the shortest amount of time.


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