Tips On Selling Homes During The Holidays

holiday decoration for homes for sales

Staging and marketing homes during the Holidays can be successful by following some simple tips. Less is ALWAYS better than more, especially during the holiday seasons. Be selective and don't overcrowd your home with lots of decoration.  Choose a monochromatic color palate like silver and white or gold.  Different people celebrate different holidays, but everyone relates to the winter season. ... READ MORE

8 Furniture Arrangement Tips For Homes For Sale

Are you planning to put your house on the market? By following these 8 simple furniture arrangement tips, you'll be able to showcase every room in your house in the best possible way.  1. Define the purpose of each room.  The purpose or function of a room should be clearly evident and the furnishings and their arrangement should support this function. 2. Open up pathways.  Allow at least 3′ for ... READ MORE