I Opened The Door And My Heart Sank

I was recently asked to visit a condo unit in the Capitol Hill area for possible staging. I met with the home owner and the agent to discuss the needs of the home before it went on the market.  One of the main recommendations was to repaint the walls a warm neutral color and I suggested Jute By Benjamin Moore. 

Home sellers had painted the walls a dark blue color

Home Sellers had painted the walls a dark blue color.

On the day of staging, I opened the door and my heart just sank. I was expecting freshly painted wall colors in Jute and clean windows. What did I see? Dirty windows and BLUE walls. For a moment I thought I had walked into the wrong unit, but no, I was in the right place. I was totally shocked. I checked my email sent box to double check, and confirmed that the color was to be Jute and not that blue. Puzzled, I called the agent to see what was going on. She informed me that the home sellers did not like neutral colors and that they loved this blue.  Really? When the FOR SALE sign goes up on your yard, it means that it is NOT about you, the home seller,  anymore.  It is about appealing to home buyers. Light in the homes means everything to a dark home for sale. Some particular shades of blue will work well for some homes, but not that BLUE in that house. 

I had no choice but to work with it. I added rich dark brown as an accent to tone down the blue and used cream colored carpets and throws with a neutral color sofa to brighten the room. In the end, I was able to create an inviting and cozy room and solved the problem as best as I could. But, it will be hard to find that many people who love such dark blue walls in an entire home.

Home sellers can help with the success

Your home becomes a product when it is FOR SALE.

Home sellers should remember that in order to have a successful outcome when putting their homes on the market, they need to be detached. A home for sale has to be viewed as a product that would appeal to the most buyers. This is why hiring a home stager is important and produces results. They can assess the home and make recommendations without any personal attachments. Remember, it is now all about the home buyers and not you. 

 In contrast, take a look at this house with motivated home sellers. Their walls were painted a dark blue and we recommended changing them to a light gray. Their house was sold in two weeks.  

Please research and hire a professional home stager and stick to her or his advice. If you feel uncomfortable with the advice, I highly recommend you discuss the issues with your home stager to find out the reasons behind those recommendations before you go rogue. After all, an expert’s advice is what you are paying your home stager for. 



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