I Said YES To Orange, Yellow, Blue, Red and Green Walls For This House!

Yep, you heard me right. Sometimes I do tell home sellers not to change the wall colors and to leave those strong colors on the walls. And the reason for this “nontraditional” home staging
recommendation is consistent with the occasions when I tell the home seller to change the wall colors. 

When I meet the home sellers and take a closer look at their homes, I make serveral recommendations and paint is always one category that we tackle. Either the walls need to be repainted the same color to freshen up the walls or they need their color changed to a lighter one or possibly, even a darker one.  As an example, for this house, we suggested changing the dark blue colors in the dining and living rooms to a light grey.

However, for this Craftsman Style home in Fremont, we suggested that the home owners leave the wall colors as they were. There were many different, rich and deep colors throughout the house but because it was done in such a beautiful way, it worked well in this house.  The painted walls actually had become a feature of this home. I accented the wall colors with accessories and vignettes to balance and tie everything together. This created a flow throughout the house and the results were stunning. I knew then that the flow and the mixture of the colors in this house would evoke strong emotions and that the home buyers would take notice. My gut feeling was right too –the house was SOLD in only 12 days.

The blue grey master bedroom

The blue grey master bedroom

I carefully selected a white bedding for this bedroom with pillows that had a hint of the color in the walls and an orange pillow to emphasis the beautiful wall paper over the fireplace. You can see the orange pillow’s reflection in the mirror.

The bedroom with red walls 

The guest room with red walls and black trim just needed white bedding and brown pillows to tone down and brighten the room. This created a beautiful contrast. 

orange walls in the powder room

Orange walls in the powder room

The beautiful orange walls with the dark trim was stunning, so we just added the white towels to make them pop.

The green walls in the study or office

The green walls in the study or office

 For the office with green walls, we choose a daybed that had lots of white and green. Then we added dark brown ottomans, as well as a desk and chair, to mimic the dark wood trims. 

Yellow living and dining rooms

Yellow living and dining room

The beautifully yellow glazed walls were so stunning that I did NOT add wall art on the main large walls. I left them blank because the effects were a focal point of these rooms. I just brought in cream furniture to brighten it up and and added yellow accessories to create flow. 

I did say YES to orange, yellow, blue, red and green walls. Sometimes neutral is not the way to go. Choosing different colors for the walls has to make sense and it did for this house.

(All The pictures of this house are by HD Estates.)








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