One Day On The Market & I Was Asked To Destage The House


I was recently called upon to provide a staging consultation with the home owners of a Seattle waterfront property that had been vacant for a year. After purchasing  the home, the home owners had put off moving in because they could not decide how to design the rooms. As much as they tried, they just could not picture how they could use the spaces for themselves. When they bought the house, the ... READ MORE

I Opened The Door And My Heart Sank

Home sellers had painted the walls a dark blue color

I was recently asked to visit a condo unit in the Capitol Hill area for possible staging. I met with the home owner and the agent to discuss the needs of the home before it went on the market.  One of the main recommendations was to repaint the walls a warm neutral color and I suggested Jute By Benjamin Moore.  On the day of staging, I opened the door and my heart just sank. I was expecting ... READ MORE

I Said YES To Orange, Yellow, Blue, Red and Green Walls For This House!

orange walls in the powder room

Yep, you heard me right. Sometimes I do tell home sellers not to change the wall colors and to leave those strong colors on the walls. And the reason for this "nontraditional" home stagingrecommendation is consistent with the occasions when I tell the home seller to change the wall colors.  When I meet the home sellers and take a closer look at their homes, I make serveral recommendations and ... READ MORE

Keep Oil And Vinegar For Your Salad And Not Your Hardwood Floors

Oil and Vinegar are not for wood floors

This blog was inspired by an expreince that I had few months back. A home owner called and asked me to view his house, that has been rented for the past three years and now he was ready to put it on the market and wanted me to stage it. Upon our arrival, we discovered destroyed hard wood floors. Throughout these past three years, the tenant had used  a mixture of water and vinegar to clean these ... READ MORE