• Why RESA? How the Real Estate Staging Association is different from other Associations

    Melissa explains beautifully in this blog, why Real Estate Staging Association is different from the rest. I could not have said it better myself, so please read on.

    Via Melissa Marro (First Impressions):


    Today I sat in the Home Matters office after teaching a segment of our SAR Home Staging Training class pondering the outline of a blog that I want to write.  (WHY SAR provides a membership to RESA with our new home staging training class.) It occurred to me that I had so many reasons as to why RESA is the right choice for home stagers that I probably should sit down and write a self standing blog about it….

    1.  RESA is governed by the leaders in the home staging industry – RESA leadership is elected by its membership.

    2.  RESA Leadership works to better the industry as a whole.  I know there are other associations out there – most others represent their training companies.  As the owner of a training company, I get it.  You do want a voice in the industry and a standard in your own organization.  Some of those training companies also promote RESA as another option and another resource in their student’s businesses.  While still other training companies solely promote their association – advising students to avoid other associations.   I can’t help but wonder why any reputable training company, advising in the best interest of their students, wouldn’t want them to have access to other possible business models, networking and ideas.


    3.  RESA is not-for-profit. RESA leadership doesn’t receive a paycheck.  While there are staff members and employees of RESA, membership dues help to run the association, help to create programs and awareness of the industry, as well as helping to fund programs to help stagers be successful!  What about the other associations out there?  What’s their goal?  Is it to create more awareness in their particular brand to help sell more training seats, help you connect with other similarly trained stagers in your area (networking) or is it to help you grow your business and awareness of the industry as a whole?

    4.  RESA provides local and national networking & educational opportunities – Not only do chapters routinely meet locally, but with the RESA Convention, stagers from all over the world unite to network and share information.  So many of our stager friends are from diverse backgrounds and varying training groups that we have real information to share with each other about what we’ve found effective, what we are struggling with and how the industry is changing/growing.   Don’t hide your light under a bushel, right?  With RESA we openly share our successes and failures to grow and unit an indust